The first teaser trailer for Psalm 21

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A teaser for the upcoming swedish film Psalm 21 has arrived. This film is shot entirely on RED1. I worked on this film as sparks and was responsibly for the lightning of the film. I really looking forward for the releasing of this film.


Red Company soon releasing a new digital camera.

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Hello! The RED Company annouced half a year ago that they would release a new digital camera costum for indie filmmakers, calling it “Scarlet”. This was the

first prototype to be showed:


A few months ago they came up with this new improved design that I thinks is much more beautiful:


“Knowing” shot with Red1 Camera

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The movie “Knowing” is shoot with the Red One Camera and will released this summer. When a watched the trailer I really loved what I saw. The filmic feeling looks incredibly good. I like that they manage to go past the digital feeling. Here´s the trailer: